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We develop and produce new and traditional Greek products



Online sales and presentation of our mastic products


International online orders  Some potential customers seem to be cautious about giving us an online order, due to economic crisis in Greece.

Our company operates normally and effectively as we have done over the last fourteen years, without problems, without any mishaps. Our website is almost daily updated. As our regular customers know, we keep our quality standards very high and we send all orders without delays.

Low shipping charges for European Community destinations by UPS (standard)


For online sales you could also visit our new web site www.galatoulas.com


magnetic memo board, free, with your first online order 







 Choose the product from the bar on the left and give your online order. All prices are retail. We deliver to most countries of the world. For wholesale contact us.




We will appreciate your comments about our web page and about our products whether they are positive or negative. They help us improve!



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